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Welcome to Guaranteed Rent UK

Guaranteed Rental Scheme offers the best guaranteed rent scheme for all property owners in England

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guaranteed rental scheme

Are you tired of unreliable tenants?

Vexed by voids?

Maintenance issues causing you misery?


Guaranteed Rental Scheme can offer you Guaranteed Rent for a period of 1-5 years, meaning no more worries about late rent payments and void periods.

As landlords ourselves, we understand the many challenges involved in keeping a home and taking care of it. We eliminate these prospective headaches by doing it all for you - finding and managing tenants, ensuring rent is paid, without any voids over the lease period, and guaranteeing houses are kept in to a good standard. In addition to removing the anxiety and hassle out from property letting, in numerous circumstances our rent guarantee scheme provides you with more net revenue than a typical letting representative's does. Please ask us for a free and fast illustration when you call us on 020 8088 9019.

Guaranteed Rental Scheme Key Benefits

Fixed Guaranteed Rent No Letting Agent Fees
No Late Payments No Eviction Costs
No Void Periods No Problem Tenants
No Maintenance Calls No Hidden Costs
No Maintenance Costs No Stress

Compare our Guaranteed Rental Scheme to a typical agent and see below how you could be £850 per year better off. Call us today on 020 8088 9019 or enter your details in the quick call back menu on the left. The number one place for guaranteed rent.

Guaranteed rental scheme vs Typical Letting Agent

Income Typical Agent 3Let
Rent per calendar month £1,000 £820
Annual rent £12,000 £9,840
Typical voids over 12 months £1,000 £0
Tenant finder & AST fees every 6 months £360 £0
Annual management commission £1,200 £0
Certificates & maintenance £300 £0
Deposit protection & inventory £150 £0
Net Income
Net monthly income £749 £820
Net annual income £8,990 £9,840
Difference if you go with us 9%
That is an extra £850 - equivalent to over 1 month's rent £850

Our guaranteed rent scheme is perfect for both existing landlords and property owners that have no letting experience.

You will not have to bother with rental income once again while you are with us if your home is accepted onto our scheme as we guarantee your rent: You do not have to fill in any kind of claims forms. With us you will get a guaranteed rental income for as long as your property is on our property management scheme. Unlike various other schemes for guaranteed rent, we additionally guarantee you no void periods and furthermore we provide our property management services to you entirely free of cost. With our guaranteed rental scheme there are no commission charges, no admin fees and no management charges to pay. We will frequently examine your house, to assure it is well-kept so every little thing is as it should be, prepared for when you do get a renter once more. We will additionally advertise your house, to reveal it to potential occupants and to keep you alerted every action of the way. You can unwind understanding that all the while this property is empty, you are still guaranteed rent payments and are still getting a routine assured rental earnings monthly.

Ways to secure your property with our Guaranteed Rental Scheme.

We look for properties all over England for our guaranteed rental scheme. All properties need to be clean, safe state of repair, suitable for human habitation and safe. Even if your property is not we could have the ability to help you anyhow so it is worth giving us a call on 020 8088 9019. As soon as your property is accepted onto our guaranteed rental scheme you will not have to pay council tax expenses or utility costs for this home. You will, however, still need to pay structure insurance. Contact our team where we will organize a time to come and speak to you and check the property if you have a property that you think meets our requirements. If you desire the building leased for between one and five years, you choose. We make formal offers within 24 hours of seeing the property.

What you need to do next:

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  • Another great experience, The best guaranteed rental scheme company in London.

  • I am really impressed by the things Guaranteed Rent UK provide, thanks so much for the support and follow.

  • Thank to the entire staff for working with us. Indeed Guaranteed Rent UK provides guaranteed rent for the period of 1 - 5 years. Satisfied and it was a pleasure to do business with such a great company.